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002 Open up that fretboard! Part 1

This is the first of a six part series on opening up the guitar fretboard.  In this podcast, I give an overview on the five best things you can do to pull yourself out of the blues box.  In the future, I will have an in depth podcast for each of the five...

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001 Introduction to the Play Guitar Podcast!

Thanks for checking out the Play Guitar Podcast!   Several years ago I wanted to start a guitar podcast that helped guitarists be better players in a big way.   I got everything ready and pressed record. Episode 1 and 2 are the results of that.   Shortly...

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The best way to learn guitar scales

Welcome to part one of my guide on the best way to learn guitar scales!   I've found that most of my new students who come to me already learning scales and lead guitar on their own, are generally frustrated.  Over time, I could see that I kept teaching the same basic...

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How to build Chords and Arpeggios

Welcome to my third article on the most important ways to open up the fretboard! In the first two articles I showed how knowing the notes on the fretboard and how practicing technique exercises give you an awesome boost to your guitar playing. This week we will look...

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How do I learn guitar notes on the fretboard?

Why learning the notes on the fretboard is so important for guitar players..   It is surprising just how many guitar players really don't know the notes on the guitar. It is the most common problem I deal with in my guitar classes. Having a solid understanding of how...

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New podcast/online lesson/recording studio pics!

After a big move and starting a new business, I am finally able to get my podcast and online lesson projects into motion. The first step is getting my studio ready. I am about 80% there with new paint, cabinets and sound treatment. I still have a few acoustic panels...

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Who is this guy on the podcast?

Hey there! I’m Lee Wayne Anderson. With a total of 29 years helping students achieve their dreams, it has been my honor to help beginner, intermediate and professional guitar players achieve fantastic results.

With a combination of formal training at University of the Arts and practical knowledge as a member of Lee Anderson Band, E. G. Kight Band and gigs with countless others, I have taken what I have learned and created a road-map to success on the guitar like no other.

Now my focus is bringing this time and student tested guitar method directly to players like you who want to bypass the sea of free YouTube videos, blog posts and lesson sites that leave you confused, overwhelmed and not any better than you were before, and get on a focused tested path to success on the guitar.

I'd have to say that Lee's way of teaching is the one I've gained the most from. He keeps it interesting and teaches a mix of fundamentals along with the things students want to learn. He has also given me direction and helpful advice for achieving my own musical goals, and I appreciate that his extensive background as a musician allows him to do so.

Ginger Brown

Lee's methods are easy to follow and give you a background in technique and theory as well as songs. He gives me encouragement and makes me believe I may actually be onstage one day.

Beth S.

I finally made the leap and signed for my first guitar lesson having played for a while but not being able to move forward. My first few lessons Lee has given me inspiration that I can do this and am beginning to learn the basics I missed along the way.

Tony L.

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play guitar academy

Play Guitar Academy is the SECRET TO SUCCESS on the guitar!

Unlike using random YouTube videos and shiny online lessons that look great but end up leaving you frustrated and confused, you are guided through a daily, fun and sensible practice routine that builds, step by step, the unique guitar player that you were meant to be.

Guitar Roadmap

My “Guitar Roadmap” is a super easy timeline that shows you exactly where you are on your journey to mastering the guitar. You can not only see the skills it took to get you to this point, but you will easily see the path ahead to achieve your goals on the guitar!.

Style Courses

Side by side with the roadmap, there are genre specific courses. Whether you are interested in Rock, Jazz, Country, Acoustic, Lead, Metal, Blues, Lead Guitar etc., there is a course that works together with the roadmap to steer you in the direction of your interests

Community Forum

Our awesome community  gets together on the forum! Whether you want some feedback on something you are working on, have a question for the group, show your progress in your lessons or want to talk about the latest gear, our forum will be one of your most valuable resources!


Play Guitar Academy is your best resource for learning the guitar. In addition to the above features we have downloads, live Q&A sessions, weekly academy news and new features added all the time!

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